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Community | Allen Valley Milk

The ethos behind Emporia Creative is to support local business and local causes. We work mainly with SME’s around the UK who are very involved with their local communities and approach business in a way that benefits others.

A business we want to shed some light on and celebrate for doing something amazing is Allen Valley Milk. This Dorset based farm have built a milk vending machine which provides the local community with fresh, pasteurised milk from very happy cows. The machine itself is stationed in Pamphill Dairy in Wimborne. The farmer comes to clean and re-fill the machine every day making it the most fresh and delicious milk available in the area.

What is even better is the environmental side. To use the machine you buy reusable glass bottles for just £1 each then fill up with a litre of milk also for just £1. Then once you have the bottles, you can use them again and again!

This little local invention means that the community can choose between the processed, plastic cased milk from the supermarket or the fresh milk in reusable bottles from Allen Valley Milk. We think we know which they are more likely to choose…

If you are looking to make a change in the way you consume goods, reusable milk bottles from the Allen Valley Milk vending machine is a good way to start. We look forward to seeing more initiative taken by farms around the country to hopefully kick off this trend and make it available in more towns and villages across the UK.

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