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New Client | Pamphill Dairy

At Emporia Creative, we love to celebrate the clients that have worked with us to achieve great things with their digital marketing. We have worked with companies of all shapes and sizes to breathe new life into their online presence through social media marketing, email marketing, content and even their website.

One of our more recent clients is Pamphill Dairy, a dairy farm that was converted into a farm shop, butchers and cafe based in Wimborne. They were looking for someone to help them build and maintain a solid online presence to help raise awareness of their products and services.

Pamphill Dairy came to us with a need for a change in their marketing strategy. They had an existing Facebook page with a small following and an outdated website, their only marketing activities were adverts in local papers and an occasional email newsletter. Despite being a popular, Wimborne based outlet, their digital presence was lacking which did not meet the needs of their audience.

This client attracts mainly families or older couples, predominantly women. Emporia Creative tapped into this market and helped create campaigns that would appeal to this demographic. Just a few months later, Pamphill Dairy has grown their following from around 300 to over 800 people, they are reaching an average of 1000 people per post with one of their recent campaigns going viral, reaching over 28,000 people completely organically!

We then took their marketing a step further by introducing a new website design which boosted their average position on Google from 13.7 to 2.8 in just a couple of months. With a content log of over 200 images and plenty of other promotional material, Pamphill Dairy is fast becoming one of the most social savvy rural outlets in the area.

We have been delighted to build a strong relationship with the lovely owners at Pamphill Dairy. They have been such a pleasure to work with so far and we hope to continue helping them push their marketing forward with new campaigns and more exciting content.

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